Hello Kitty Journal

Write your secrets down in a sweet little book full of cute Kitty antics, fashion tips, craft ideas and fun things to do! Hello Kitty’s adorable book of inspiration is bound to become your new best friend! Discover fun fashions and fab fancy dress, design some gorgeous decorations, and make your own gorgeous lotions and cosmetics. Find out how to get straight A’s in study time, and follow Kitty’s friendship tips to keep all your besties happy. Like any journal, Kitty’s is made for writing in – but there’s oh so much more as well!

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  • I want this because I love hello kitty

    5 July 2010

  • liked it

    I am going to get this book…. Well I ordered it from school and now I just have to wait ! It looks like a good book I think I shall be writing in it for a long time !!! CANNOT WAIT TO GET IT !!!!

    1 December 2009

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