Hello Kitty and Friends: The Friendship Club

Hello, Kitty! The pretty kitty we all adore is starring in her very own storybooks. She’s formed The Friendship Club – a club that anyone can join if they want to meet new friends and have great adventures. Come along with Kitty as she straightens up her little red bow and gets ready to start at a new school. New things can be scary – but they can also be great fun, as Hello Kitty and her new friends are about to find out.

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    Hello Kitty And friends The friendship club Firstly, my favourite character was Tammy because she likes to dance and I like to dance. Secondly, my favourite part was when Hello Kitty realised that friends are good to be different, and that is what the story is about…

    The story was nice when Hello Kitty found out that friends are supposed to be different and that is all friends are about being different. Hello Kitty’s friends are Dear Daniel, Fifi and Tammy. Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy started a new school. They already had friends at the school. Hello Kitty’s friend was Dear Daniel and Mimmy’s friend was Alice.

    9 November 2013

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