High School Musical Summer Annual

A fun-packed East High summer annual to keep you springing and singing right through the holidays! It’s full of essential High School secrets and gossip that you just need to know, plus activities, stickers and a fabulous giant poster to bring a touch of High School magic to your wall.

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  • loved it

    Loved it!it is perfect for me.

    19 June 2012

  • loved it


    i have read this fantastic book beacuse i am a such fan of high school musical bceacuse when i started school my mum would not stop buying me such lots of high school musical books and when i walk to school i would walk to school and read my books and when i have into class i would always be on the last chapter beacuse i would always read the book walking to school beacuse i will always be board going to school and when my teacher mrs sheil is teaching me at beeston fields i wold always read my high school musical book

    7 May 2011

  • rubbish

    This book was fantastic! It comes with 71 stickers, a really big poster and it’s jam-packed with fun! There are loads of activities to do and stories to read, you have to buy this!

    11 June 2008

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