His Dark Materials: Northern Lights

Lyra is no ordinary child. Plucky, wild, feisty and fey, she leads a wild and carefree life tramping the roofs of Jordan College, Oxford, and fighting with the Gyptian youngsters on the canal. But now children are mysteriously disappearing. A reign of terror is coming. And when Lyra’s friend Roger disappears, she sets off on a mission to save him. It’s a journey into an Arctic wilderness of ice and snow, where witch-queens ride the skies, armoured bears roam the snow… and scientists conduct experiments of unspeakable terror. Does one girl have the courage and cunning to stop them? Winner of the Carnegie Medal, this is the classic story of Lyra’s incredible journey to the frozen north – and the very edge of her world.

“Rarely, if ever, have readers been offered such a casket of wonders.” Independent

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  • loved it

    I really love this book because it is set in a very unique world with intriguing characters and a really thrilling storyline .I would definitely say this is one of my favourite books!

    10 June 2014

  • i know nothing about this book except what i read from the blurb but i know this book is interestring

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    His Dark Materials is an amazing trilogy filled to the brim with imagination, adventure and Dust, I really enjoyed them and I hope you do too

    5 March 2013

  • loved it

    I loved it and its soooooo interesting. if you have got any books to read read the northern lights the best book ever

    18 December 2012

  • okay

    I like this book, in fact I find this book truely fascinating. However, it does not hold the same charm for me as some novels do. It is thrilling and, sometimes even slightly scary. The whole idea of parellel worlds excites me greatly. But, I find that it is, while not a dificult read, very long. Too long in my opinion. But Pullman definitely has his own style and no one can complain about that!

    9 December 2012

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  • Photo of Philip Pullman

    Philip Pullman

    Philip Pullman is probably the world’s most acclaimed living children’s author, best known for the trilogy of books known as His Dark Materials.


    Philip won the Nestle Smarties award for both Clockwork and The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Northern Lights was published in hardback in July 1995. That year, it won the Carnegie Medal and Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and was Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards.

    The Amber Spyglass won WHSmith Children’s Book of the Year 2000 at the British Book Awards, was Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal and was longlisted for The Booker Prize 2001. Philip Pullman was voted Whitaker Author of the Year by the Booksellers Association. The Amber Spyglass went on to win both Whitbread Children’s Book of the Year and Whitbread Book of the Year 2001 and in doing so became the first children’s book to win the main prize in the award’s history.

    Philip has also been recognised with two major awards for his contribution to literature: the Eleanor Farjeon award in 2002, and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Prize in 2005.

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