Historical House: Polly's March

Polly has an adventurous spirit, and dreams of becoming an explorer. But in 1914 women don’t have many rights, let alone career choices. Then Polly discovers that her neighbours are suffragettes, fighting for women’s right to vote.

Polly’s parents are scandalized, but Polly is intrigued. The more she thinks about their cause, the more determined she becomes to join the suffragettes’ protest march. But will she dare to defy her parents and do what she thinks is right? A fascinating story by Costa Award-winning author Linda Newbery.

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  • loved it

    this is an amazing book

    it is part of a series which tells you about 6 different girls lifes. they each live in different time periods

    for example- ww2, 1969 ect

    they all have at least 1 thing in common

    they all lived at 6 chelsea walk in london at some point it there life…

    24 September 2011

  • I think this book is really exciting you don’t know whats going to happen next. It really shows how little girls lived then. I have all the historical houses at home. I have read no 1 and 2!!! I really really really love these books and the authors

    4 June 2011

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