Horrible Geography: Violent Volcanoes

They look just like hills… until they explode, burying the country for miles around in ashes and boiling lava! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and visit one! Read the terrifying diaries of volcano survivors. Get clued up with the spotter’s guide to eruptions! Plan an explosive holiday with the volcano vacation guide. Marvel at red-hot volcanic rocks the size of cars! Tremble before boiling geysers! It’s sizzling hot stuff!

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    I love this book so much because it has lots of interesting facts about volcanoes and i like the way they make geography so fun. That`s probably one of the most engaging books I have ever read in my entire life.

    22 March 2014

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  • Photo of Anita Ganeri

    Anita Ganeri

    Anita Ganeri lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, with her partner, author Chris Oxlade.


    Anita Ganeri won the 2008 Blue Peter Prize for Planet in Peril.

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