Horrible Histories: Deadly Days in History

The Grim Reaper’s diary! Some dark days keep him really busy, poor lamb. Check your diary: is it a deadly day in history? Famines, battles, revolutions: honestly, sometimes Death barely gets a moment’s letup. (Unless he looks in this book and laughs so much he keeps dropping his scythe.) Now – just like you celebrate a birthday, Death likes to celebrate a good old Deadly Day. And here’s your chance to join the party. Lots of bloody bits. No boring bits. Quite a few sort-of funny bits. Just don’t die laughing – the poor old Reaper is already overworked. (No wonder he looks a bit grim.)

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  • Photo of Terry Deary

    Terry Deary

    Terry is a former actor, theatre-director and Drama teacher and currently lives in County Durham. He has written over 150 books in the UK, including 44 Horrible Histories titles, and was voted the fifth most popular living children’s author in a 2005 Guardian survey.


    Terry Deary won the 2001 Blue Peter Prize for Rotten Romans.

  • Photo of Martin Brown

    Martin Brown

    Martin Brown was born in Australia but currently lives in Dorset. In 1993, he illustrated the first of the HORRIBLE HISTORIES, and has now contributed to more than 60 titles in the series.


    Blue Peter, Best Factual Book 2002 for Terrible Tudors

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