Horrible Histories Handbooks: Knights

Gallant, bold heroes? Umm, no. More like ruthless killers obsessed with cruel crusades. Forget the fairytale days of old when knights were always bold and damsels were always in distress. Brace yourself for the terrible truth about these cold-blooded killers! From Arthur and his mythical Round Table knights to warrior kings and cruel crusaders, discover the war-like weapons knights used, the wicked tricks they played and the rotten rules they fought by. Just like the Horrible Histories slogan says, it’s got all the gore – and more!

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    Terry Deary

    Terry is a former actor, theatre-director and Drama teacher and currently lives in County Durham. He has written over 150 books in the UK, including 44 Horrible Histories titles, and was voted the fifth most popular living children’s author in a 2005 Guardian survey.


    Terry Deary won the 2001 Blue Peter Prize for Rotten Romans.

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