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Are you in the mood for mega mayhem? Are you dying to have a horrible time? Then grab a gruesome book pack designed to make you shudder! You’ll never look at life in quite the same way again. Explore the nasty side of nature in Horrible Geography, the series that takes you globetrotting to a truly WILD world. Squeal at sickening stuff with Horrible Science, the science series that doesn’t shy away from squishy bits. And discover the putrid past in twelve TV tie-in books from Horrible Histories, the history series that’s got all the gore – and more!

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  • its a good book

    6 March 2013

  • rubbish

    I enjoy Horrible Histtories but i don’t like Horrible Science. I read Explosive Experiments, i ndidn;t even finish it! Alll it had in it was experiments, and only about 3/10 of it was actually information! Not for me

    22 December 2011

  • okay

    I obviosly haven’t read all of these! The one’s I’ve read or seen on tv are really intresting. Although gross! Their a good set and you save around £189 buying them from scholastic!

    20 September 2009

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