Horrible Science Handbooks: Spotter's Guides: Dinosaurs

Where can you spot a spiky Stegosaurus? Or view a vicious Velociraptor? Or take a peek at a terrible T-Rex? You can do it right here in the time-travelling guide that gets you close to deadly dinosaurs – even though they’re, um, dead! In this prehistoric spotter’s book, you’ll be whisked off on a seriously smashing safari into a long-ago past where the dinosaurs still roam. Just pack your camera, step into your time machine – and whatever you do, don’t get eaten! Find out what dinosaur clues to look for, what survival kit to wear, and how to camouflage yourself from the hungry hunters! Check out the Triassic weather forecast, jet off to the ancient island of Pangea – and see which cruel carnivores are close by when you inspect some disgusting dino dung!

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    I am reading this book now and it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I recomend it to people who like Dinosaurs and people who like monsters.

    17 June 2010

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    Nick Arnold

    Nick Arnold has been writing for Scholastic for ten years, clocking up over 20 titles in the HORRIBLE SCIENCE series. Nick lives in Devon.


    Nick Arnold has won three Aventis Science Prizes for the Horrible Science series, for Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Ugly Bugs and Really Rotten Experiments, and won the 2013 Best Book with Facts at the Blue Peter Book Awards.

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