Horribly Famous: Pirates and their Caribbean Capers

A book for all you scurvy sea-dogs out there! From flaming fire ships to dynamite-popping rum-guzzlers, discover the baddest buccaneers who ever sailed the bounding main! You’ve probably heard of a few pirates…

  • Horrible Henry Morgan and his flaming fire ships
  • Awful Anne Bonny and her flaming temper
  • Barmy Blackbeard and his – er – flaming black beard

But did you know that Henry Morgan ate his own shoes, Anne Bonny scared strong men shirtless, and Blackbeard guzzled his rum with a dash of dynamite? Now you can get the inside story from pirates’ long-lost logbooks, discover the terrible truth about real pirate life, and learn about fighting/ boarding techniques, tricks of the trade, pirate laws, pirate flags… and the landlubbers’ guide to pirate boats!

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    Michael Cox

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