Horse Pie

When Jenny, a retired seaside donkey, arrives at the Old Horses’ Home, the other horses are not pleased. It’s supposed to be a home for horses! They don’t want to share their field with a common little donkey. But then rustlers are spotted in the area: thieves who like nothing better than to steal horses and make them into horse pie! Can Jenny the lowly donkey find a way to help? A brilliant, engaging story from a master of children’s literature.

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  • There are three big horses Labybird, Hebert and Captain. Where Jenny (the donkey) comes the three horses start bullying her. Alfie helps Jenny all the way but when the robbers come Jenny is determined to stop the three horses being turned into horse pie!

    11 October 2015

  • Very exciting and good for horse or donkey or genrel animal lovers!!!

    4 October 2008

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