How to Hide a Lion from Grandma (Board Book)

With his luxurious mane and dapper cap, this lion has fans all over the world. We adore everything about him. But will a nervous granny love him like we do? Iris isn’t sure. So when Grandma comes to stay, Iris decides she’d better hide her lion. After all, an older person might easily get anxious if they found a lion in the house. But – pssst! Granny might just have a wild secret of her own. What’s she hiding in her bedroom? You’ll never guess! (But you will laugh out loud.)

  • New board edition of this warm-hearted favourite
  • Follow-up to the prize-winning How to Hide a Lion
  • By the Greenaway Medal nominated author of Fleabag
  • This charming lion is a hit with children and adults alike

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  • Awards

    Helen Stephens won the Dundee Children’s Book Award for Fleabag and the Rotherham Children’s Book Award for How to Hide a Lion.

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