I, Houdini

“I am Houdini.”

Houdini is no ordinary hamster. He is an escapologist with an exceptional talent for getting out of cages! Not for Houdini the cornered world of a pet hamster, with toy wheels and sawdust and nothing much else. Houdini is a hamster who has adventures, gnawing, squeezing and wriggling out of prisons of every kind! In this, his personal autobiography, Houdini tells his amazing story with great intelligence, and very little modesty. From tangles with crows and cats to countless astonishing feats of daring in the Great Outdoors, brave Houdini finds that there’s a whole wild world out there to explore! A hilarious and touching look at the world of a very unique pet, written by award-winning author Lynne Reid Banks.

“A must for children of all ages.” Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear

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  • Awards

    Lynne won the Nestle Smarties prize for Harry the Poisonous Centipede in 1996.

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