Iggy and Me

“Iggy is my little sister. Which means I am Iggy’s big sister. This is tricky, because sometimes Iggy is naughty. And at other times, Iggy is VERY naughty! But we do agree on one thing. We like being sisters.”

Meet Iggy – and meet Flo. Two sisters who share everything. Whatever scrapes they get into, they love one another, and nothing is going to change that. Whether they’re moving house, dressing up, playing doctor or going on holiday, Iggy and Flo are always there for one another! Wonderfully funny and light-hearted storytelling for younger readers from Guardian Prize winner Jenny Valentine, with vibrant illustrations throughout.

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  • loved it

    My best friend ever has just started it and she already love’s it to pices and i am going to read it after her xxxxxx

    14 June 2011

  • really funny

    11 March 2011

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  • Awards

    Jenny Valentine won the Guardian Children’s Book Award in 2007 with Finding Violet Parks.

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