Iggy the Urk: Oi, Caveboy!

Iggy just isn’t like the rest of his tribe, the Urks! He isn’t interested in the usual things like flint tools or boulder-rolling. He’s always daubing on the walls of his cave, or coming up with infuriating new ideas like primitive scootalongs and Stone Age skateboards. But according to his dad: ‘We don’t need new ideas – we have plenty of old ones!’ His embarrassed parents don’t even want him playing outside in case the neighbours complain! But now they’ve got more important things to think about. Tomorrow is the Sons of Urk ceremony, when boys who come of age are accepted into the tribe as hunters. Iggy is eager to take part, but first he’ll have to pass the ritual initiation test, which means facing the one thing he dreads more than anything: snakes!

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  • Alan MacDonald

    Alan MacDonald lives in Nottingham. He writes both non-fiction and fiction as well as writing for radio and TV. He has a particularly good track record for writing page-turning and accessible historical books.


    Alan MacDonald won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for The Great Brain Robbery in 2004.

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