Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention

Is the smartest gizmo always shiny and new – or is it about making do and mending? When fearless inventor Izzy Gizmo gets into a pickle, she learns why it’s great to recycle! Izzy loves nothing better than building cool machines. And now she’s been invited to a Genius Convention! Whoever invents the best gadget will get to join the Genius Guild. Izzy really wants the prize! But her fearsome rival Abi von Lavish is tricking her at every turn. Will Izzy and her buddy Fixer be beaten? They’re not out of ideas quite yet…

  • The second wonderfully exuberant Izzy Gizmo story
  • Encourages children to recycle, make do and mend
  • Izzy is a perfect role model for kids who love science
  • Illustrated by Dogs Don’t Do Ballet artist Sara Ogilvie

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