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Tracy lives in a children’s home, but dreams of a real home and a real family. Elsa’s family are homeless and stuck in a horrible bed and breakfast hotel. Em’s parents have split up, Sadie has her hands full looking after her sick mother, and Floss is about to have to choose whom she prefers – mum or dad. And then there’s the inspiring true story of Jacky Daydream, a little girl who dreams of being a writer…

Smart girls, strong girls, bad girls and brave girls. Girls keeping their families going, girls trying to get away… Meet them all in ten terrific bestsellers from superstar author Jacqueline Wilson.

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  • Loved it I loved the book it’s very entertaining so yes read it I love Jacqueline Wilson.

    Very funny and a bit sad


    29 March 2016

  • loved it


    30 December 2015

  • its good

    8 March 2014

  • I loved this book!!!!!! It is about 2 close friends that get along and they can’t live without each other! But then Alice one of the girls move to Scotland and Gem can’t bare it living without her!!! But Alice keeps in touch and she finds a new best friend!!!! Gemma is sooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!! Can they be still friends?? You have got to read this book is really good!!!!!!!!

    30 March 2013

  • Jacqueline Wilson is THE author to go to when looking for a good book for young girls although to be honest her old stuff is a lot more interesting and meaning compared to the new. classics such as Double act and Best of Friends and don’t forget the story of Tracy Beaker

    9 March 2013

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