Jamie Johnson Trio

Three gripping stories following the mixed fortunes of Jamie Johnson, a soccer prodigy striking for glory. Jamie’s got guts, vision and talent. But is that enough to prove himself against the best players of his age? Can Jamie shoot to the top? Written by an FA insider who lives with the England team when they’re on tour, this thrilling series uses insider knowledge of how professional football really works to capture the sweat, passion and glory of the beautiful game.

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  • These books have inspired my to play even better football brill

    7 March 2013

  • okay

    this book was ok. i would recommend football lovers to read it even though u would be more intrested in watching it on tv and see REAL footballers in person play (on the TV)...

    28 May 2011

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  • Dan Freedman

    Dan Freedman is author of the Jamie Johnson football books, and also works at the FA, editing their website and match programmes.

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