Jane Blonde, Sensational Spylet

It’s time to meet Blonde – Jane Blonde.

Janey Brown is as dull as dishwater. With her stick-thin legs, mousy hair and grey eyes, she feels practically invisible. But everything changed when a crazy-looking woman turns up at the school gates claiming to be Janey’s godmother. According to hip-hop-talking, larger-than-life ‘G-Mamma’, Janey Brown is really something special. She’s Jane Blonde, Sensational Spylet – and it’s time for her first mission! Swapping her school uniform for a silver spysuit, Janey soon discovers that nothing in her life is as it seems. Her elusive Uncle Solomon is the greatest spy the world has ever known – and now it’s Janey’s turn to follow in his footsteps. And in no time at all, she’s transforming herself into Jane Blonde, super-spy – able to run at 30 miles per hour and zoom on super-powered hairslides. Gasp as her power is unleashed!

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  • loved it

    I love this book its sooooooooooooo great its truly unpredictable!

    10 March 2014

  • i might like this book because i like spies books

    8 March 2013

  • I liked this book because it is unpredictable. It’s great for girls who like James Bond as it’s the girl version!

    4 March 2013

  • Jane Blonde is an awesome book! At first I thought it is going to be really boring.But when I started I coudn’t put it down! It is a MUST!!

    12 January 2012

  • loved it

    What an amazing book! I was a little sceptical about reading it at first, but once I had read the first page I didn’t want to stop! I started reading it at 3pm and was still reading it by 9pm! I couldn’t put it down, I started and finished it all in one day!

    16 June 2011

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