Jez Alborough Pack x 3

Who says that dogs can’t fly? Or that ducks can’t drive trucks? Or that bears can’t play with teddies? In these marvellous stories, they can do all those things. Open up a book – and open your mind! Imagination rules in Jez Alborough’s wonderful world: a place of big surprises, big giggles and beautiful artwork. Even better, each book has bouncy rhyming text that’s perfect for reading out loud. What’s not to like? Expand your possible!

  • Inspiring picture book classics by a master of the craft
  • Positive, feelgood stories full of wit and imagination
  • Bouncy rhyming text that is ideal for reading aloud
  • Jez’s other books include Hug and My Friend Bear

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  • Awards

    Jez Alborough has won a number of awards, including the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and the Red House Children’s Book Award.

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