Judy Moody Goes to College

Judy Moody is in a mood. Not a good mood. And DEFINITELY not a maths mood. The teacher thinks Judy’s maths skills need improving (not to mention her attitude). Now Judy will have to see a private tutor. Bah! Does this mean flashcards? Does it mean baby games? Does it mean school on Saturday? Well, the maths tutor turns out to be much cooler than Judy expected – and funnier, and cleverer and nicer. Pretty soon Judy Moody’s going mad for maths, and the kids back at school had better watch out! Say goodbye to Judy Moody, old skool third-grader – and say hello to Ms College Genius!

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  • loved it

    This is a great book to read. This book was so good that I managed to read it within two days. I liked this book so much I dressed up as a character from it for world book day at my school !

    15 August 2016

  • loved it

    I love this book and its tempting to read !!! I have 8 of the Judy moody books :-)

    7 August 2015

  • I love all the Judy Moody books so I do recommend this.

    29 December 2014

  • loved it

    Judy moody was a girl who studied in grade3. She was so crucial,rad,rade square. She don’t like the class and she felt so miserable. But when Judy moody met a college student her name is Chloe,she changed her from math i-tude to radical glad-I-tude. Finally Chloe changed Judy moody changed her behavior and became a good person of all.

    23 September 2014

  • loved it

    I loved this book! It was so interesting.

    18 September 2013

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