Junior Brain Trainer

It’s fun, it’s entertaining – and it’s good for you as well. And it doesn’t involve eating a pile of sprouts. Hurray! Keep your wits sharp, your reflexes quick and your mind elastic when you do your daily brain workout. Top boffins have confirmed that doing a puzzle a day makes you smarter, and is just as important as doing daily physical exercise. So stretch your brain and join the smart league with a fun-packed pad of brainteasers, mazes, picture puzzles and crosswords to keep your intellect healthy – and boredom at bay!

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  • okay

    Very stressful book but keeps u entertained

    5 March 2014

  • iv’e got it and it’s realy good

    3 March 2011

  • loved it

    This books is ggod for your thinking.

    14 August 2010

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