Jurassic World: Where Dinosaurs Come to Life

How close dare you get to Indominus Rex? With this book’s incredible AR tech, you’ll see her move in official Jurassic World movie art. Be afraid. New tech meets prehistoric terror in this AR sensation, direct from the planet’s first ever dino theme park. FIVE interactive dinosaurs to bring into your home and destroy the soft furnishings. (Sorry, Mum.) With LIFE-SIZE TECH that lets you view and take photos of each dino in real size. There’s even a dual-user mode: why not share the scares with a friend? See those dinos move faster than greased lighting. The biggest thrills of your whole life.

  • Walk a Jurassic World dinosaur across your floor
  • Photograph friends with a life-size dinosaur
  • Connect with another device to explore together
  • Works with Apple IOS 4.3 and Android 4.0 upwards (dual user mode requires an active wi-fi connection)

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    I loved it. It was fab.I loved the pop-up (screen). GREAT ANIMATIONS!

    28 June 2015

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