K.M. Peyton Trio

So gorgeous we’d call them guilty pleasures, except you needn’t hide them. Majestic horses and sizzling romance by a Carnegie winner. Display with pride. We’ve said it many times: nobody writes horses like K.M. Peyton. Now we’re going to add, nobody writes love like her either. Thundering hooves. Soaring mountains. The first flush of romance. She’ll unleash all your emotions. Here are two gripping tales of horses: one a great racer. The other doomed (unless Alice can save him.) Plus a passionate story of romance and danger in the Alps. Headstrong heroines, gorgeous horses, galloping hearts: who can resist the temptation? Prepare a cosy chair and a mug of hot chocolate NOW.

This pack contains some mature content.

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  • Awards

    K.M. Peyton won the Guardian Children’s Book Award for Flambards, and the Carnegie Medal for The Edge of the Cloud.

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