Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers

Katie Morag’s two grandmothers are like chalk and cheese – so when lovely Grannie Mainland visits for the fair, Katie has a challenge on her hands. Tough Grannie Island thinks it’s daft how all the men follow Grannie Mainland around. But when Grannie Island’s prize sheep gets stuck in Boggy Loch on Show Day, can Grannie Mainland’s curlers and perfumes fix this sticky situation? A comical story of friendship and family life, set on the fictional Isle of Struay.

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    great! this is a ausome book for 6-8 we did his as a subject at school and i loved it!

    4 December 2013

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    i think this book is awsome for children that are a bit good at reading but this is a good story for people to read we have this in are school and its awsome.

    10 June 2011

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    Mairi Hedderwick was awarded the Friends of the Earth 1993 Earthworm Award for Venus Peter Saves the Whale.

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