Kill Fish Jones

Grimshaw the demon has a chilling job – to make death-bed curses happen. And now a brand-new curse is being unleashed. It comes out of the grave of Grimshaw’s evil master, Lampwick the Robber: a curse that takes away loved ones, homes, lives, all that people hold dear. Grimshaw can’t believe his luck! It’s not long before his curse starts to be felt, bringing despair to the whole town – and then to all the world. There’s just one person who can stop it. A boy called Fish Jones, who can see demons. A boy whom Grimshaw must get rid of, at any cost!

Praise for Caro King:

“Rich with extraordinary incident and a whole new perspective on bogeymen… Who could ask for more?” Daily Telegraph

“Truly moving and involving.” Sunday Times

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  • Amazing book by Caro king

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    Kill Fish Jones is a very good book, so good i could not find any flaw so this review will be very boring!

    Kill Fish Jones is about a demon called Grimshaw. One day Grimshaw’s master sends him to kill a woman but in order to kill her he must first make her really misrable. Grimshaw sets out to kill her son Fish Jones but Fish is different, he can see demons. In this book you cant help liking the villain a lot more than the hero.

    A great book by Caro King, so buy it now i promise you will love it.

    Tilly, age 11

    31 May 2011

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