Killer Vending Machines Wrecked My Lunch!

Drishya Samode has been down in the dumps since her best friend, Hattie, left town. Hattie’s parents say it’s not safe to stay. They reckon the town of Dreary Inkling is cursed. Rubbish! Okay, there were the aliens that invaded the school talent show, and the evil witch who turned Drishya’s class into brain-sucking zombies. But that’s all over now, right? There’s even some good news: the school has cool new vending machines. Finally, a break from yucky school dinners! But when a freak electrical storm turns the machines into killer robots, it’s up to Drishya to save the day. Can she stop the savage snack machines – and unite the Tech-Heads and the Cool Girls at the same time?

  • By top broadcaster and brilliant author Matt Brown
  • Matt has presented on Nickelodeon and The Big Breakfast
  • He also writes the hilarious Compton Valance series
  • Fabulously funny illustrated middle-grade fiction
  • Ideal for fans of Danny Wallace and David Baddiel

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