Go beyond random acts. Plan your kindness with these inspiring stories, tips and ideas! Most of us want to be kind. But how do you actually go about doing it – being the nicest person that you can be? No problem: get inspired with this book, which suggests 52 simple actions that you can do every day to spread kindness. After all, kindness is free! Oh, and it’s good for your brain and your heart. And best of all, it makes everyone feel great! The proof is right here, in the voices of people who’ve been helped by the author’s charity, 52 Lives. Well, you only have one life – so start living kindly, right now!

  • A heartwarming and practical guide to living kindly
  • Beautiful gift hardback with attractive colour pages
  • 52 simple ideas and tips that fit into your daily life
  • By Jaime Thurston, founder of the charity 52 Lives

“This wonderful book is packed with inspiring and practical ways that we can all help to spread more ripples of kindness… Highly recommended.” Dr Mark Williamson

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