LEGO® Bionicle®: Island of Lost Masks

Already a legend! Skull spiders, mythical masks, great heroes: what’s not to like? Get onto it! If you’re talking about LEGO® legends, you can’t fail to mention Bionicle®. A HUGE sci-fi epic set in a world where living machines fight for justice. What do you do when three mythical masks can give you the power to rule the world? You stop them falling into the wrong hands! But will our Bionicle® heroes be able to find them before evil Makuta? Oh – and did we mention that creepy skull spiders are trying to kill them? EEEEEK!

  • New chapter book based on the 2015 Bionicle® storyline
  • Written by top Star Wars fiction author Ryder Windham
  • Bursting with action and drama for confident readers
  • Bionicle® is one of the biggest LEGO® lines of all time

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