LEGO® Bionicle®: Quest for the Masks of Power Activity Book

One legendary mask is included. Can you find the rest in this quest? You know the story. Now complete this epic LEGO® Bionicle® mission! It’s got everything. Puzzles. Comics. A story to read. Tons of things to do. A cool quest. There’s even a real Mask of Power to collect! Only one thing is missing. YOU! Well – actually, a few more things are also missing: the other Masks of Power! If evil Makuta finds them first, he will rule the world. Don’t let it happen. Rise up and fight!

  • Activity book with a Mask of Power to collect
  • Comic strips, puzzles, quizzes and a story
  • Spectacular never-before-seen comic pages
  • Based on the hit 2015 LEGO® Bionicle® storyline

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