LEGO®: Dino Safari

What can make a dinosaur safari even more exciting? Here’s an idea: how about cool LEGO® characters? Imagine: flying dinos, huge herbivores and a terrifying T-Rex – plus LEGO® minifigures. Totally unique! While other fact books just give you the facts, this one gives you LEGO® dino hunters. And there are 30 stickers. (You still get loads of facts, of course.) So why choose any other book? Dino adventures are way more fun when you take a LEGO® buddy along!

  • Brilliantly original new strand of LEGO® non-fiction
  • Real-world facts brought alive in fantasy LEGO® scenes
  • All the facts and fun introduced by LEGO® minifigures
  • Bite-size info, colourful photos and 30 fun stickers

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