LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: Monster Battles

Who’ll win the epic battle of Jestro vs Merlok? How do you fight a Magma Monster? What’s the best weapon to defeat a Lava Soldier? Find out in this super-cool Nexo Knights™ easy reader. It’s all about your favourite bit: the battles! Check out the latest and greatest knightly tech, like Clay’s Rumble Blade and Lance’s Mecha Horse. Then weigh up the bad guys and their weapons, including the fiery Chaos Catapult! Who has the edge? All the warriors, weapons, monsters and biggest clashes in one amazing book. Gear up for battle!

  • Thrilling easy reading with the LEGO® Nexo Knights™
  • Fact-packed look at the top warriors, weapons and battles
  • This Level 3 reader suits children who are reading alone
  • Dramatic colour pictures, high-interest facts and a quiz

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