LEGO® NEXO Knights™: Nexo Power Rules! Activity Book

Knights to save the future! Activities, puzzles and a brilliant story in a world where magic and tech rule. What do you like more: swords and shields or high-tech gadgets? Robots or medieval knights of old? Now you don’t have to choose – the lucky LEGO® Nexo Knights™ have both! They’re knights with a futuristic edge, battling to save the world with digital magic. What does that mean? Mobile castles. Robo horses. Lava monsters. Squirebots. There’s even a digital wizard, Merlok 2.0. What more do you want? Join the quest!

  • Exclusive LEGO® minifigure of Aaron’s squirebot
  • Comics, activities, puzzles and a story to read
  • Scannable shield gives you one Nexo Power
  • Use your Nexo Power in the linked online game

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