LEGO® NEXO Knights™: Sticker Battle

Think you’d make a great NEXO knight, fighting evil with magic and cool gadgets? Here’s your chance to prove that you’re up to the job. Totally cool! Someone needs to stop pesky Jestro and his Book of Monsters. Hey – who said ‘someone’? We mean YOU! Open up for tons of epic battles where you get to fight right up there with your favourite hero knights. Solve the puzzles, add stickers and wield your NEXO Power. Don’t let the monsters win. Make the bad guys cry.

  • Hours of activity fun with the LEGO® NEXO Knights
  • Packed with puzzles and over 250 reusable stickers
  • Fight cool battles against Jestro and his evil monsters
  • Scannable shield gives you a NEXO Power to use online

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