Ladybird I'm Ready... for Maths! Sticker Workbooks Pack x 4

Sticker fun to freshen up your maths. Do you want maths support with extra snap and crackle? Something that will help you excel and make you smile? Well, look no further than these colourful Ladybird workbooks, packed with lively maths fun to keep you ahead in class. Each book comes with stickers, bright colour pictures and heaps of high-energy learning. Even better, it’s all matched to your school routine. Trust Ladybird to help you learn and make it feel like play.

  • Essential KS1 maths made simple and appealing
  • Fun-filled activities plus over 80 stickers per book
  • Includes notes and a maths glossary for parents
  • Part of a bestselling Ladybird home learning series

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