Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas

Spot all the places, all the people and all the monuments in the world – in the most amazing, most fun atlas in the world! Our wonderful planet is full of magnificent buildings, exotic animals and fabulous sights to see. But how can you see them all in one go? By lifting the flaps in this book! Full of cartoon-style miniature pictures and mind-boggling facts which are hidden under flaps, this dazzling atlas glitters with fascination. Visit the plains and mountains of North America to see lumberjacks and dinosaur fossils and giant sequoia trees! Marvel at jungle jaguars in the Amazon, or Rio’s great statue of Christ the Redeemer! In Europe there’s the Louvre, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or some tempting Russian Borscht soup to drink! And in Africa, Asia and Oceania you’ll find many more marvels… plus a giant poster of the globe and all its flags, waiting at the end of the book!

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