Little Ballet Star

It’s Tilly’s birthday and she’s warming up for a very special birthday treat – a trip to a ballet show with her aunt, a real ballerina! It’s not just the show that lucky Tilly gets to see: she gets to peek backstage and discover the bustle and excitement behind the scenes, from backstage warm-ups to a trip to the dressing room! There’s only one thing that could make Tilly’s day even more perfect: the chance to shine on stage! As the performance approaches, who will be the star of the night’s show? A delightful tale by acclaimed author Adèle Geras, which perfectly captures the thrill and anticipation of going to a real ballet show.

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  • not for me

    i have read this book literally 100 times it’s so easy. good at first though

    22 May 2014

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  • Adele Geras

    Adele Geras is a highly regarded author for both children and adults, with more than forty novels to her name. She lives in Manchester.

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