Little House on the Prairie

Seeking their fortune, Laura’s family travel by wagon all the way to America’s wild western frontier. The sun-kissed prairie stretches out all around, smiling its welcome after their hard journey. There they build a little house and begin their brand new lives. But they are sharing their new land with wild bears and hostile native Indians. Will there be enough room for them all? Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic and beloved tale of life in a pioneer family in the late 1800s, based upon her true experiences.

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    I have to admit, historical stories are not my favorite genre, but this book is a treasure. Not only is this book an American classic, it captures the hearts of families across the globe.

    8 January 2014

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    I love the whole series. The copies I have used to be my Mum’s, so they’re well worn! Read them all twice. I fall in love with the story everytime. Something about the classic books appeals to me. No wonder I’ve taken a History GCSE!

    27 October 2013

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    A fantastic book

    2 March 2012

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    A nice and interesting book

    21 March 2011

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    The American Library Association named an occasional career award after her, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, and awarded her the inaugural medal in 1954.

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