Little Legends #2: The Great Troll Rescue

Your favourite fairy tale heroes are tangled up in a witchy new story. And this time, the trolls aren’t the baddies! So who is…? Welcome to the world of the Little Legends, where best-loved fairy tale buddies stumble into cool new adventures. Old magic. Fresh stories! In this book, Rapunzel, Anansi and Jack get captured by a wicked witch who locks them up in a tower. Oops! Forget waiting for a handsome prince to pass by and climb up Rapunzel’s hair. Red has a smart plan to fix things right now! It involves the witch’s servant, Ella, and Ella’s fairy god-brother. Plus a bunch of magical creatures, including a fearsome troll…

  • Favourite fairytale heroes in a brand new adventure
  • Packed with punchy illustrations by Tom Percival
  • Exciting new take on legendary characters
  • Action-packed fun with a 21st century feel

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