Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

Yum! A sweet treat of a fairy tale from a picture book maestro. A hungry lion. A little girl. A box of doughnuts. (Fancy one?) Worried about wolves? Don’t make Little Red laugh. She’s not even scared of hungry lions. After all, why would this furry lion chap want to gobble her up? She’s sure he’d rather have a doughnut. Right, Mr Lion? A sassy heroine, beautiful artwork, jungle animals, a funny twist on a tale you adore. Once again, Alex T. Smith gets us all eating from his hand.

  • A hilarious delight by a brilliant author-illustrator
  • A modern Little Red Riding Hood in a jungle setting
  • Alex T. Smith is the creator of Claude and Ella
  • His books include Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero

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  • Photo of Alex T. Smith

    Alex T. Smith

    He’s the creator of brilliant, quirky picture books like Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion and the hilarious Claude series for early readers. We love Alex T. Smith!


    Alex T Smith won the 2011 Dundee Picture Book Award for Bella and Monty.

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