Lockwood & Co #3: The Hollow Boy

When a nasty ghost needs putting back in its place (e.g. the grave), you know who to call: this lot. But can they handle a living assassin? Get your winter shivers on! A massive outbreak of ghosts is causing terror in Chelsea. Scotland Yard is baffled. People are seriously scared. But Lockwood & Co – London’s top exorcists – haven’t been invited to the party. Thousands of agents have been called upon to help. But not them. Why? They’re experts with rapiers, salt and iron. Hunting ghosts is what they do best. But maybe they need to forget the dead for now. Because a living killer is in town…

  • Third in this chilling series about a team of ghostbusters
  • Jonathan Stroud is the bestselling author of The Bartimaeus Sequence
  • He has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal and Costa Award
  • “Stroud is a genius -” Rick Riordan

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