Lockwood & Co #4: The Creeping Shadow

Uh-oh: monsters are out from under the bed! Can the Lockwood agents send them back…? Got a ghost problem? You know: maybe a cannibal rising from the dead? Don’t panic – just call Lockwood & Co. These ghost-busting agents are basically the supernatural Rentokil. Trouble is, now they’re an agent down. Lucy has left in a huff, and it’s almost like someone told those pesky ghosts. They’re popping up all over the place! Monstrous handprints on a window. Sinister chopping sounds from a spooky kitchen. Not to mention a hulking menace that raises churchyard spectres from their graves. It looks like your Lockwood buddies need a bit of help … from Lucy?

  • Fourth in this chilling series about a ghostbusting agency
  • By the bestselling author of The Bartimaeus Sequence
  • Set in a timeless world at once Victorian and modern
  • Carnegie Medal and Costa Award nominated author

“Exceptional… Inventive and funny.” Sunday Telegraph

“A delicious mixture of bone-dry wit and spooky shocks.” Financial Times

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