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Twelve dramatic stories of London, which will see you escaping fires, meeting Charles Dickens and surviving gunpowder plots! Discover London as it was hundreds of years ago through the eyes of twelve children, who form successive generations of one family. Travel from the destruction of London by Boudica’s armies to the Norman invasion, the Great Fire, the Victorian age, the Blitz and the 2012 Olympics. The perfect way to celebrate both the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this collection brings the past to vivid life, uncovering 2000 years of London’s history.

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    i havent read this yet but is supposed to be really good :D

    14 June 2012

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    Jim Eldridge

    Jim Eldridge is the award-winning author of The Trenches, Flying Ace and Armada in the boy’s strand of the My Story series. He is also a TV script-writer for the BBC.

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