Love Bomb

Hang on to your heart! Fizzy, sparkly reading with the might of a thousand Cupid’s arrows. If the Lush Love Locket (tried it?) was a book, it would be this. When Betty Plum sees Toby, it’s like a bomb exploding. A love bomb! She’s never even kissed a boy. And now THIS . Trembling knees. Sweaty palms. Racing heart. If only Betty’s mum was still alive. She really needs to ask her advice. And that’s when Betty finds Mum’s hidden letters. (Thanks, Fate!) Telling what your first kiss should feel like, and what real love is all about. Is Betty ready? Will she get kissed? Will she survive the love bomb? Will YOU? This book is sweet, funny and mighty enough to blast you through the ceiling. Plus, you’ll love Betty. What can we say? It’s the bomb.

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    Winner of the Dudley Children’s Book Award for Truly, Wildly, Deeply.

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