Lulu Loves Nursery

Nursery means sandpits, tasty snacks and your own First Day certificate. What fun! And there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Only – it’s a shame nobody told Lulu, because now it’s her first day at nursery. And she doesn’t want to go! What if it’s scary? She’ll have to leave her mummy behind. But when Lulu decides to be brave, she finds out that nursery is great. It’s got a dressing-up box and nice things to eat. Plus lots of new playmates to meet. If you’re starting nursery, read this: you’re going to love it too!

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  • Ailie Busby

    Ailie has been illustrating children’s books for six years and has garnered both popular and critical praise for her wonderfully graphic art style. Ailie’s previous Scholastic titles include ‘As Big as a Pig’, ‘Hey Diddle, Diddle’, ‘Rosie’s Zoo’ and Christmas is Coming’. She lives with her young family in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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    Winner of the 2012 Sheffield Children’s Book Award (Baby Book) for Lulu’s Lunch.

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