Mac B, Kid Spy: Mac Undercover

Tee hee! Meet the world’s silliest spy! These days, Mac Barnett is a very successful author. But before Mac was an author, he was a kid. And while he was a kid, he was a spy. Not just any old spy. A spy for the Queen of England! The precious Crown Jewels have been stolen! There’s only one person who can help the Queen: her new secret agent, kid spy Mac B. Now Mac must race across the globe in search of the stolen treasure. But will he find it in time? From secret identities to karate hi-jinks, this book will keep you guessing…

  • First in a trailblazing new series by a major author
  • Mixes fiction with colour artwork and historical facts
  • Full of adventure, intrigue, absurdity, history and hilarity
  • Mac Barnett is a bestselling Caldecott Honor winner
  • His books have sold over a million copies in the US

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