Magic Animal Friends Pack x 4 (Books 13-16)

Tiny talking fluffies from the Rainbow Magic author. Bonus puzzles and blissful tales to cosy up with. If you go down to the woods today, what will you find? Well – if you’re very lucky and you read these books, you just might find some magical woodland animals! Visit their tiny cottages, solve enchanted mysteries and sip tea at the Toadstool Cafe. As perfect as a fairy tale. How lovely does that sound?

  • Created by Rainbow Magic author Daisy Meadows
  • Each book includes fantastic activity pages
  • Set in the woodland world of Friendship Forest
  • Charming series tales that build reading confidence

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    I think the animals are really cute and I love the story lines.These stories are amazing I love the way that Matilda fluffy wing finds out that it wasn’t roses that her patient picked it was sneeze weeds ! I think these are great so if anyone is thinking about reading them I would recommend them .

    24 October 2016

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