Magic Kitten #1: A Summer Spell

Everything you ever wanted: a kitten who makes dreams come true. Be the lucky kid who gets to adopt him! Flame is a truly special kitten: soft fur, sparkly green eyes. But the most special thing about him is, he’s full of magic. Flame can sense when a child is unhappy. And when that happens, he brightens up their life! Lisa has been sent away to her aunt’s house for the summer. She’s really bored and lonely. What will she do all day? But when she finds a tiny ginger kitten in the barn, her summer takes a magical turn!

  • First in a delightful series for fans of Holly Webb
  • Imaginative, charming and ideal for growing readers
  • Sue Bentley is the bestselling author of over 70 books
  • She has written for Rainbow Magic and Animal Ark

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