Marshmallow Magic and the Wild Rose Rouge

Everything about Lemmie Ferguson’s life is bright, shiny and sunny. It’s because she looks at the world in her own special way: a vivid, rainbow-hued, magical way. Lemmie’s big sister – spontaneous, sparkly Rose Rouge – calls it marshmallow magic. But there’s a dark spot in Lemmie’s life, and when a primary-school rival comes back to haunt her, the dark spot starts to grow. Now Lemmie’s marshmallow magic doesn’t seem to be working anymore. She needs to call on her sister, Rose Rouge, and her special rose-tinted spectacles. But can Lemmie count on Rose when she needs her the most?

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  • Really Good!

    7 March 2013

  • loved it

    Karen McCombie is an excellent author; her books are very realistic. I loved this book, as will every other tweenage girl!

    1 October 2011

  • loved it

    this book is really good and i am enjoining reading this very much.

    31 August 2010

  • okay

    Hmmm… Looks really Good 2 Read !! xXxXx

    28 March 2010

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    Karen McCombie

    Karen McCombie is the brilliant, best-selling author of the Ally’s World and Stella Etc. series, plus a number of titles for teenagers.

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